Your Water Treatment Specialists!

We are licensed ‘Water Treatment Plant Operators” through the State of Colorado. Our engineers and technicians are certified through the Water Quality Association (WQA) as “Water Treatment Specialists”. Memberships include the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, Water Quality Association, Better Business Bureau, Colorado Water Quality Association, and various Chambers of Commerce.

Why Pure Water Solutions?

Pure Water Solutions Inc. is an independently owned and operated commercial and industrial water treatment company. We have custom designed water treatment applications for many industries, from healthcare related fields to manufacturing, Agriculture grow facilities, ultra pure laboratories, and municipal drinking water systems. 

Pure Water Solutions provides cost-effective water treatment designs with an eye toward reducing operating costs along with risks. Whether you're a project or systems engineer or company owner or manager, Pure Water Solutions Inc. is comfortable navigating the landscape of most projects regardless of the level of expertise required.

Our Projects

Looking for Residential Water Treatment?
Water Softeners
For better water that fits every home and every budget, look to Kinetico Water Specialists. We offer a range of products and approaches to provide your family with a continuous supply of soft, clean water. Ask us which water softener will work for you in your home.

Water Filters
Our whole house water filters guard against troublesome elements, like iron and chlorine, as well as suspended solids that can make water appear dirty or cloudy. The first step in finding the system that's right for your home is getting a free water analysis today!

Drinking Water Systems
We can provide you with the best drinking water possible without the plastic bottle waste, and our water specialists can help you identify what's in your water with a free water analysis. We can then build the drinking water system that best suits your needs. 

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