Pure Water is SUEZ local sales and service dealer and we are available for assistance, in-service training, installation, maintenance, and customized service contracts for all of your Ultra Pure water needs! 


Suez, Pure Water
Suez is the premier provider of water treatment equipment to the dialysis, health care, and industrial sectors. Their products are duly certified and meet the most stringent of standards. Suez and its' dealers are experts who understand the critical role high purity water plays in dialysis.

High purity water that meets Center for Medicare/Medicaid services and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation standards is the number one medicine for dialysis patients. SUEZ manufactures FDA medical devices that provide high purity water for acute settings and for chronic treatment centers. In addition, they manufacture bicarbonate and acid concentrate systems, disinfection systems, clean-in-place systems, distribution loops and wall boxes to complete what the dialysis facility needs.

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