Commercial Water Softeners

Whether you have a large, industrial facility, a 300-room hotel, or any other type of use; Pure Water has a softener to meet your needs.

Commercial / Industrial Water Softeners

Commercial Use
Water-Right Commercial Water Softeners range from simple, time-clock units to advanced, multi-unit systems with microprocessor-based controls and LCD displays.
  • Electronic, Meter-Initiated Controllers
  • NSF approved fiberglass media tanks rated for 150 psi operating pressures up to 120 degrees F
  • Three different media options:
    • Standard Ion-Exchange Resin
    • Crystal-Right CR-100 (Hardness, iron, manganese reduction and raise pH levels)
    •  Crystal-Right CR-200 (Hardness, iron, and manganese reduction)
Industrial Use
Ecodyne Industrial Water Softeners – offer a complete range of industrial systems
  • Automated, PC based Controls
  • “Smart” systems equipped with audible and visual alarms
  • VIP-1E Control – Most advanced water treatment control in the industry
  • Fiberglass or Steel Vessels (ASME Construction available)
  • Skid-Mounting options

Pure Water's Custom Industrial Ion Exchange Systems

  • Fiberglass or Steel Vessels (ASME Construction available)
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Skid-Mounted Systems
  • Custom Designed Configurations
  • Special Media Options (Radionuclides, Nitrates, Dealkalization, and other media options)

Car Wash (Softening & Rinse Water)

Generally, there are three types of water used in car washes: hard water, soft water, and reverse osmosis water. It is important to know when to utilize each type of water in a car wash because each has an impact on producing a clean and dry car. Hard water creates problems when used with detergents and presoaks by reacting with some of the components in those products. However waxes and drying agents work best with hard water. 

Soft water produces the highest foam levels and most consistent cleaning performance. Soft water is created in a water softener by replacing hard ions with sodium ions. Unlike hard water with hard ions, sodium ions do not have any negative effect on detergents and presoaks, making it the best choice for the wash component of a car wash. 
Soft water often leaves behind white spots caused from the sodium deposits. Pure Water has been a leader in commercial water softener technology for over 20 years. We have a variety of water softeners for you to choose from so you can find the one that works best for your car wash facility. Our team of experts can even design custom, efficient, high-capacity water softeners for any application.

This creates a need for reverse osmosis rinse water. This water displaces the sodium mineral deposits and leaves the water essentially spotless. Only Pure Water can provide the consistent purity and quality from our reverse osmosis systems required to produce the cleanest and driest car possible. 

Laundry & Cleaners

How does water effect your laundry? Soft water aids the cleaning process where as hard water can hinder it. Hard water contains minerals which react with soap to form a curd. This soap curd can show up on clothes as white powder, make fabrics feel stiff, and attach to the insides of washing machines. Detergents are less sensitive to the minerals in hard water, therefore make better cleaning agents for laundry products. Even when clothes are washed in soft water, some hardness minerals are introduced to the water from the soil on the clothes that is why it is best to use a detergent when doing laundry.

Hard and soft water can also effect how your other cleaning agents perform. Hard water spots also called lime scale occurs when droplets of hard water dry on a surface. When combined with soap, soap scum occurs. This soap-scum-plus-lime-scale combination presents a problem for traditional household cleaners.
Most general household cleaners are alkaline (or have a pH level greater than 7). The foundation of many cleaners is bleach, and bleach has a pH level of 13. Soap scum needs an acidic cleaner to break up its minerals, however. To avoid all of these issues from cleaning with hard water, pure water solutions can provide your home or business with a commercial water softener. 

Pure Water has been a leader in commercial water softener technology for over 20 years. We have a variety of water softeners for you to choose from so you can find the one that works best for your home or business needs and to ensure that all of your clothes and surfaces are as clean as possible.
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