Electricity generation is the most significant energy-related water consumer. The main uses of water for electricity generation are cooling and steam production.

Electronics Production

Many people may not know that the electronics industry is a thirsty business. A semiconductor is a miniaturized electronic circuit containing a multitude of transistors. Semiconductors are essential to our way of life. Without them, our cellphones, laptops, and cars couldn't function.

In the semiconductor industry, the world's cleanest water is used to clean and etch wafers. Microchips are then cut from these wafers or semiconductors and used for just about everything and anything computer related- anything with artificial intelligence will likely operate with a microchip. These microchips must be cleaned throughout each-and-every manufacturing process to ensure that the microchips remain free of any-and-all contaminants, including solids and ions.
The water used for rinsing the semiconductors is Ultra Pure Water, which is water that is thousands of times purer then drinking water. It is so clean, it is regraded as an industrial solvent. Ultra Pure Water needs to be treated to an extreme level of purity, stripping it of all contaminants, particles, and ions. Reverse osmosis is generally the most utilized processing technique for clean water in this industry. This process ensures the finest filtration. 

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