Deionized Water Systems

Deionized Water Systems

Pure Water’s DI systems are used for many types of applications such as: pharmaceutical, medical (dialysis), laboratory, circuit board rinsing, glass washing, bio-diesel, ethanol, solar, and other commercial / industrial uses.

Deionization (DI)

Deionization (DI), Service Deionization (SDI) or Portable-Exchange Deionization (PEDI) are all terms used to describe the same process or type of service. Pure Water Solutions’ DI portable-exchange service is a very efficient, convenient, safe, and low-cost method of delivering high purity water to your process. Customers don’t have to worry about handling, neutralizing and disposing of harsh chemicals.

DI installations are economical using quick-disconnect fittings and high purity hose as opposed to expensive, antiquated, permanent systems. Smaller spaces can be utilized due to this flexibility with various DI systems configured to fit your needs.

When DI tanks are exhausted, Pure Water's service technicians replace the exhausted tanks with freshly regenerated tanks, and rotate them for maximum throughput. You have a continuous supply of high-purity water that meets your specific requirements.  Our engineering and design team works with customers to determine which DI configuration will best meet their quality standards, usage estimates and other requirements.
Typical configurations will include an activated carbon filter to remove organics and chlorine, followed by cation, anion and /or multiple mixed-bed tanks. Peripheral equipment such as: quality indicators, resistivity instruments, ultraviolet sterilizers, specialized filters, re-circulation pumps, pressure gauges and valves can all be added to customize the DI system to meet your specific requirements.

For medical and pharmaceutical applications, our tanks are regenerated in our FDA-registered facility in accordance with QSR and GMP requirements.

DI, SDI and PEDI Advantages:
  • Low-cost with no large capital outlays.
  • Resins are regenerated and tanks are sanitized to exacting specifications.
  • No harsh chemicals for customers to handle or dispose.
  • Trained technicians exchange tanks for you.
  • High quality insures customer standards.
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