Portable Exchange

Portable Exchange Services

Pure Water Industrial DI exchange tanks are either two-bed or mixed bed units with an acid-regenerated cation connected in series with an alkaline-regenerated anion vessel.

Portable Exchange Services

High purity water applications can take advantage of our service deionization with portable DI exchange for the Colorado and New Mexico areas. Pure Water offers a full range of two-bed and mixed-bed industrial deionizer exchange tanks. These DI tanks are for initial startup of the deionization system. As the DI tanks are exhausted, new fully regenerated tanks are delivered through our service deionization (SDI).

The cation resin is a strong acid type and is regenerated with hydrochloric acid (H2SO4 also available) at our factory. The anion resin is a strong base type II and is regenerated with sodium hydroxide.
These industrial demineralizers require single-point utility hook-ups for economical installation and startup. Their simple exchange of the tanks maximizes the efficiency and consistency of water quality of the units in order to provide a truly reliable water treatment unit.

The exchange tanks are sized based on flow rate and gpd (gallons per day usage). The quality of the demineralized (DI) water is normally within a 10-20 micro micronho range when influent water qualities are 15 grains per gallon total exchangeable anions or less. Operating conditions and an actual influent water analysis are required for predicting more exact capacity, leakage level, and service flow duration.
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