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Remediation in Kansas


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Remediation in Kansas

Pure Water has the tools, expertise, and experience needed for environmental remediation in Kansas. We use leading-edge technology and top of the line equipment for all different types of environmental clean-up. We have comprehensive solutions for land re-fill as well as other needs for remediation in Kansas.

Remediation Basics

Solutions for Remediation

Pure Water’s operator-friendly vacuum extraction tools help lighten your load. For soil extractions, we have multi-phase and dual phase equipment suited for recovery of VOCs from soil and groundwater remediation in Kansas. We also provide tanks and inlet water separators that have Carbon & Specialty Media Filters including virgin and regenerated water phase carbon filters.

360-degree Environmental Protection

Remediation in Kansas isn’t always tidy and quiet. When you need solutions that comply with specific local sound regulations, talk to us at Pure Water. We can design solutions featuring unique sound abatement technology for newly built remediation systems. We can also work with existing structures to add or re-fit for updated compliance. We don’t just ensure against noise pollution. Pure Water has solutions for water treatment on the job site, including automated water treatment where needed. Using advanced technology, Pure Water can help with groundwater remediation in Kansas with equipment filtration to address TSS removal and pH adjustment. Depending on the compounds in the water, we can help contractors with more comprehensive treatment solutions and sludge monitoring or removal.


We understand the challenges your operations face with remediation in Kansas. We know the job, we know what tools work. As innovators, Pure Water is on pace with newer technologies that are less invasive while still compliant with all environmental regulations. We know that different terrain and types of social and groundwater present different complications, and we know that your equipment and supplies shouldn’t be one of your problems. With that in mind, we create special packages for different types of remediation in Kansas, suited to your specific site needs.


When you work with Pure Water, you can expect a competitive quote, including start-up assistance and on-the-job training where needed. Many of our trainers are former operators, with plenty of experience using our advanced equipment. For more permanent structures and equipment, we offer operational and maintenance contracts, ensuring that your machines will run worry-free. When needed, we can provide emergency troubleshooting and repair. Remediation in Kansas has a simple solution – Pure Water. Give us a call or go online today.
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